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The Greater Kruger Hotel School & Training Centre offers an immersive learning model that is executed through hands-on experience and creating an authentic engagement with the local culture, economy and community of the Greater Kruger area instead of bland rote learning.
GKHS students are a unique breed. We do not just focus on creating culinary artisans but also cultivating well-rounded young adults who can operate as communicators, collaborators, empowered decision makers and calculated risk takers. Through student driven projects and responsibilities – both on and off campus – our students learn to take responsibility, think like entrepreneurs and problem solvers. They do not only learn about a culinary journey, but also the journey of life. We work on instilling a love for lifelong learning beyond campus life.
Have a look at our full-time courses below and feel free to contact us on hello@gkhotelschool.co.za for a pricing guide or to book a campus visit.
Full-Time Qualifications
Commis Chef/Cook Programme
  • Safety at work
  • Introduction to nutrition
  • Prepare food for cold presentation
  • Prepare, cook and finish foods by frying
  • Prepare, cook, and finish foods by braising and stewing
  • Prepare, cook and finish foods by boiling, poaching and steaming
  • Prepare, cook and finish foods by baking, roasting and grilling
  • Introduction to basic kitchen procedures
  • Introduction to the hospitality and catering industry
  • Food safety in catering
  • Costing
  • Opportunity

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Full-Time Qualifications
Full-Time Professional Chef De Partie Programme
  • Prepare food for cold presentation
  • Safety at work
  • Food safety in catering
  • Healthier foods and special diets
  • Prepare, cook and finish stocks, soups and sauces
  • Prepare, cook and finish fish and shellfish
  • Prepare, cook and finish meat, poultry and offal
  • Prepare, cook and finish fruit and pulses
  • Prepare, cook and finish rice, grains, farinaceous products and egg dishes
  • Prepare, cook and finish bakery products
  • Prepare, cook and finish hot and cold desserts and puddings
  • Catering operations, costing and menu planning

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Pricing Guide and Breakdown

For pricing pop us an email to hello@gkhotelschool.co.za

Application Process

How do I apply?

  • Download and complete the application form
  • Pay the once-off application fee using your name and surname as a reference:

Banking Details
Bank:               FNB
Code:               250 655
Acc. No.:         62736942104
Name:             Moditlo Hospitality Business School
Reference:      Your name & surname or Student number

  • Submit the completed application form with proof of payment to hello@gkhotelschool.co.za
  • Await response within 5 working days
  • Attend interview and await feedback

Application Requirements

Who can apply?

  • Any school leaving candidate with Matric or equivalent thereof
  • Any candidate over the age of 18
  • Any candidate with a passion for the Culinary Arts
  • Any candidate with an eagerness to learn

All candidates are considered on an individual basis, if you are unsure of your ability to apply, please contact us on:

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We are what we repeatedly do – so whether you need a little refresher on excellence in hospitality or want to get a step ahead, we’re here to guide & equip you and your team.