Feed your sweet tooth craving, vegan style

We know it can be hard to satisfy the intense cravings of a dedicated sweet tooth. However, Anina Meyer’s recipe for this mouth-watering Vegan Choc Mousse and Citrus Cream Phyllo Stack might just do the trick. Prep time: 40 mins Cook time: 15 mins Servings: 4 Ingredients: Phyllo Pastry Discs 5 sheets phyllo pastry 5 [...]

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Homemade honey and nut nougat recipe

Not many of us can say that we have made homemade nougat before – but this festive season is the perfect time to give it a try to score some serious brownie points. Nougat is a wonderful gift idea that shows your loved ones you care deeply enough about them to make something yourself! Here [...]

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